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Jan 09, 2008 at 10:41 PM

Field is bold for a user, not bold for me


Post Author: karene

CA Forum: Crystal Reports

I have a report in Crystal reports XI using BusinessObjects. One of my users is complaining that one of the fields is bold. But it's not set to bold in the report, and when I run the same report, called the same way, with the same data, the field is not bold. We had a note about printer drivers, and he ran through our help on that, but it didn't change anything.

The field is actually a subreport, but I looked at that, and it is a straight database field (SQL Server 2000, memo type), not a formula, and it is not set to bold anywhere in Crystal, at least not that I can see. And besides, it doesn't print bold for me. He saved to a pdf and sent it to me, and it is bold. I saved the same data report to a pdf and it is not bold.

Does anyone have any ideas for a direction I should look? I think I recall seeing this field bold at some time on my machine, which makes me think it has something to do with a difference in Windows between our two machines. But that's pretty vague. I guess I haven't told him to reboot his machine yet -- that does fix a lot of things.