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Aug 01, 2007 at 01:02 PM

Further manipulation of group/report footer summary values


Post Author: GarryC

CA Forum: Crystal Reports

Hi All,

Fairly new to Crystal, we use version 9 with an Oracle 8 database.

Below is an example of part of the reult of a report written by my predecessor....

Page Header Days Worked jobs completed Jobs per day

(database field) (database field) (formula field - jobs complete/days worked )

Detail 10 20 2

Detail 5 15 3

Detail 7 17 2.4

Group Footer 22 (Sum Days worked) 52 (sum jobs complete) 2.46 (Ave. jobs per day column)

My problem is the group footer for jobs per day should NOT be the average of the jobs per day column but should be sum jobs complete/sum days worked = 2.36

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could advise me how to do this, is it possible within the footer summaries or would I need to do a formula, if this latter I'm not sure of the content and syntax. I was thinking of using the SQL expression editor as I'm familiar with SQL but will only go down this road if there's no other option, always assuming I can actually turn it on!