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Apr 18, 2008 at 07:22 AM

Problem in Executing Dimensions in EPM Dashboard Manager


Post Author: sachinddalal

CA Forum: Performance Management and Dashboards

Hi All,

Presently I am facing a problem in refreshing Dimention object in EPMDashboard Manager. The details are as below.

Server:BO enterprise with SP2Tool : EPM Dashboard Manager.

I have created A dimention object, which reads the slices from database. Ihave associated this dimention object to several metrics.This object is created on staging server and is working fine on that server.

I Migrated EPM repository using EPM Migration tool to production server.On this server this dimention object could not refreshed. Due to thisthe Slices are not read from database.

I have attempted to run the dimention through Setup->SystemSetup->Dimentions, but it could not execute.

To rectify this object, i did following ;

1. refresh and update Universe in EPM repository.2. Checked the settings for System User and Parameters (It is perfectly Fine)3. Created a webi report based on the same objects and unverse used inDimension. The report works fine and displays all rows fetched by query(Hence there is not problem of Security on Univerce and UniverceConnection )4. Created a saperate Dimention based on same defination, this also notworking.5. Re-Migrated EPM Repository.

Does any one knows the root cause of this problem?What can be possible work around to resolve the problem?

Your suggessions are welcome.



Sachin Dalal