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Nov 22, 2007 at 09:48 AM

Unnesting XML and memory tables


Post Author: Guy Jeffery

CA Forum: Data Integration


I'm having issues with unnesting incoming XML messages within a real time job. The XML is being partially unnested into intermediate memory tables, and the intermediate memory tables are used to populate physical database tables. This works fine on a small scale - if I only have a few physical tables to populate, it works as planned. However, when I increase the complexity of the job, the job will begin to execute and then just stop and 'hang'. There are no error messages, and the log for that job has a blue tick next to it - but the job never completes.

I've had a look through the technical help file with BODI, and searched this forum, but can't find anything which mentions the situation above. Is it likely to be a memory issue? Or is there some upper limit on the number of objects used within a real time BODI job?

Has anyone experienced these issues before, and found a resolution? Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated, as I need a solution pretty urgently. Thanks in advance.