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Mar 28, 2007 at 05:13 PM

Complete newbie question - Can BI consume web services?


Post Author: Steve Lamont

CA Forum: Data Integration

I am working on a new client site working on integration between a whole slew of systems including CRM, billing, BI etc. The client is architecting a SOA oriented approach to all integration where it make sense. As part of the effort, a new BI database is being built and loaded via some ETL tool. The primary interface to access this new BI data will be business objects (BO). Now, in the current environments, there are multiple, disparate BI systems containing various data. The BO knowledge person (and he is not a business object employee) on this site is claiming that to access these other BI databases, he wants to do it by sending out requests via service calls. I fully understand that BO itself can be set up to be a service provider and provide services for other consumers to take advantage of, but how does BO itself consume services provided by other applications?

Obviously I don't fully understand BO, but my initial inclination is that this approach is wrong. If data is required from these other BI source, wouldn't they be configured as data sources within business objects? This BO guy claims that calling web services is more efficient that direct peer-to-peer calls via the database drivers.

Can any share some comments on this situation?