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Different Document Pricing Procedure against Same Billing Type

Dear Experts,

We need to assign different document pricing to same billing type. How can we assign this.

Example : We have two different order types with two different document pricing procedure both having the same billing type F2.

ORD1 -> Doc. Pricing Procedure Z1 + Customer Pricing Procedure C1 = PR001

ORD2 -> Doc. Pricing Procedure Z2 + Customer Pricing Procedure C1 = PR002

Both Z1 and Z2 should be assigned billing type F2.

Please help.

Thanks & Regards


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  • Please read again what I wrote:

    "Assigning document pricing procedure to billing types is not mandatory."

    By the way, I saw your reply by a coincidence - when you do not reply directly to a member's comment he/she does not receive notifications.

  • Thanks got it. Thanks a lot Vaselina

  • As already pointed out, when you give some information to your original query, please do so under "Comment" and not under "Answer" as you were not answering to a query but only providing additional information as required by the members. Meanwhile, I have converted your above post from Answer to Comment.

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