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May 30, 2008 at 10:13 AM

Drop down by key binding to model value node


Hi everybody

I need to display a drop down by key populated by R/3 data.

for this purpose I have a model correctly working in my component.

The view context is bound to the component controller context and so on... everything is ok on this side.

The model value node is structured like this:

context root->z_getflights->z_getflights_input->output->flights (this is still a node)

below this node there are two attributes: obj_id, description

I believed that I should simply bind the selected key property of the drop down to node flights, but I am evidently wrong, as it is grayed out in the binding editor.

Every example binds this property to a non-model value node, what is the right procedure for my scenario?

I am switching to WDP java from Visual Composer so maybe I am misusing some components, suggestions as to how achieve a similar behaviour in an easier way (i.e. with differents UI elements) are welcome as well.


points will be awarded