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May 30, 2008 at 08:44 AM

Stock Statement


Hi all,

I'm facing a problem in generating a report called as stock statement, the details of the problem and report are as stated below.

This report is called as "Stock Statement", the aim of the report being one should be able to understand clearly that for a item what is the opening balance, its receipts, its issues, its closing balance and the value of the closing balance. Now this can be achieved as follows.

For Receipts the transaction involved are:

1. Goods Receipts PO.

2. Goods Receipts.

3. Receipt from Production.

4. Inventory transfer.

For Issues the transaction involved are:

1.Goods Issue.

2.Issue to Production.

3.Goods Return.

4.Inventory transfer.

For Closing Balance the transaction involved are:

Closing Balance = Opening Balance + Receipts - Issues

For Opening Balance the transaction involved are:

It is the closing balance of the previous consecutive date.

However we have to trap the stock increase and decrease carried out by the Opening balance and stock posting transaction found under inventory > inventory transaction > Initial quantities, inventory tracking and stock posting.

Since above transaction doesnu2019t have any history other than Journal entry, we needed a way wherein we could trap the quantities from this transaction.

Thus your help in finding out the link between the journal entry and the stock posting transaction.