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AIF Serialization across interface

Jan 26 at 08:44 AM


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Dear gurus,

I have got a requirement regarding serialization of AIF interfaces.

For example, Interface ZIF001 creates Material, and ZIF002 creates BOM.

So creation of material should finish before creating BOMs.

Is it possible to realize this requirement in AIF standard customization?

Or is it better to consider in the job design?

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3 Answers

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David Rittinghaus Jan 26 at 10:30 AM


one way would be to call the enabler-Transfer_to_aif for the ZIF002 Interface as part of the action of the first interface (ZIF001).

If you can somehow make sure that the ZIF001 is processed first then you can specify the same lock object in both interfaces. ZIF002 then has to wait until ZIF001 releases the lock.

Another option would be a precheck module in ZIF002 that ensures that ZIF001 is already done and puts the ZIF002 message into error state if not. You can then activate automatic reprocessing to ensure that the ZIF002 tries again at regular intervals.

The best solution depends on how the data for both interfaces is available and how long the period between message one and two can be.

Kind Regards

David Rittinghaus

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Yoko Hirakushi
Jan 29 at 10:56 AM

Thank you very much David!

I had doubt that if i assign those 2 interfaces to the same serialization object will work or not.

I will consider to use checks or lock objects.

Best regards, Yoko

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Yoko Hirakushi
Feb 01 at 12:22 AM

I have retested this scenario and found oun that serialization for 2 different interfaces were actually possible.

1. interfaces need to be assigned to 1 serialization object (this mans these interfaces shares 1 serialization table).

2. serialization occurs in the same key values

so in my case i have interfaces for material creation and bom creation, when the serialization table has material as key, serialization is possible even across the interfaces.

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Thanks a lot for providing feedback and confirmation.

This ensures that this resource is valuable for others who encounter the same issue.