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Vendor Sub-range activation for existing Vendor

Jan 26 at 03:27 AM


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Hello, I have set the Vendor Group as "Vendor sub-range relevant" in OMSG, but when I try to modify the Vendor in MK02 or XK02, the sub-range option is not activated. It only works for new Vendor creation. Please suggest how do I add sub-range to an existing Vendor, thanks in advance.

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I have just searched with exactly same subject in community and I got lot of discussions.

Please always search in community before posting a question. This will help community to not to repeat same question again and again.


Hi, I have checked the Q&A section already before but didn't find anything. Not sure if I'm searching correctly, do you mind pasting a couple of links of previous discussions on this topic, thanks a lot.

Milan Sureshbhai Thakkar

The first discussion in search result

Second result

And many more. If you still face the issue, then you should show us the screenshots of your configuration and result.


Thanks a lot Dibyendu, the issue is resolved.

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Jürgen L
Jan 26 at 09:27 AM

If you activate VSR for an account group then it technically means that the field LFA1-LTSNA gets a X when you create a new vendor master of this account group.

If you activate the VSR after you have already vendors in your system then your old vendors have no value in LFA1-LTSNA, and thus you can't maintain VSR data in MK02 or XK02.

You first need to update the Vendor subrange relevant indicator and then you can maintain data.

see OSS note 545086 - Maintaining fields in menu option 'Add. Purchasing data'

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Thanks a lot for your reply. It was helpful.