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May 30, 2008 at 06:18 AM

How to change the IDOC Status from 30 to 03


Hi Friends,

In the Partner Profiles Collect IDOCS option is Selected and the Output mode is 4.

In my Custom Program i am Using the Function Module MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE to generate the IDOCs

I am getting the IDOCs of Status 30.

then in my Custom Program, I am Submitting the IDOCs to RSEOUT00 program.

to change the IDOC status from 30 to 03.


WITH docnum IN gt_range_idocs

WITH p_compl EQ 'Y'


but still i am not getting the IDOCs of changed status.

I need to get the Changed IDOC status and if the IDOC status is not changed then I need to generate an Error file for the IDOCs data and send that data to customers as a mail.

so my requirment is to call the RSEOUT00 in the Custom Program and Change the IDOCs Status to 03.

When i am Executing the RSEOUT00 Indidually by giving the IDOCs numbers, then the IDOCs Status is going to change to 03 from 30.

Kindly Guide me how to proceed furthur

Thanks in Advance,