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Can SAP Marketing feed personalized product recommendations on email based on browsing behavior?

Jan 26 at 03:41 PM


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Hello. My team and I are interested in understanding whether SAP Marketing can feed personalized product recommendations in triggered emails (if we have the users email)? A good example of this would be to do a 'browse and abandon' campaign, so if a user browsed the website and didn't purchase, we'd be able to send them an email and show them the products they looked at.

We currently use Emarsys for broadcast and triggered email campaigns, and wondering if we need to integrate Emarsys with our Hybris Marketing platform, or if Hybris Marketing can do these things natively. We were under the impression that Hybris Marketing replaced Emarsys. Is that not the case?

Thank you.


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3 Answers

Tobias Schneider Jan 27 at 06:23 PM

Hi Ryan,

I don't know Emarsys but to answer your question: Yes, you can use the algorithms which are used in the "Recommendation" module in Hybris Marketing to analyze for example the top viewed products in your shop and create personalized content in a webshop (e.g. Hybris Commerce) or in e-mails.

In your example if a customer abandones his shopping cart in a Hybris Commerce store Hybris Marketing tracks that event as an interaction and can send automatically a trigger-based e-mail.

Best Regards


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Joyca Vervinckt Jan 29 at 12:45 PM

Dear all,

I disagree.

I had issues with such a scenario in the past.

This scenario is not a problem when used in combination with a webshop.

But when used in combination with mail, you are very much limited on the types of recommendation models that you can use.

A simple model like "top viewed products" is indeed possible in mail because it is a general one.

Only recommendation models flagged as "optimized" are able to be used in mail.

Optimized means that the model results are stored in the hybris marketing database an readily available for a mail to pick up.

But individual calculations, like the products that YOU (the specific recipient of the mail) have browsed most recently, this is not possible in mail.

Please do correct me if I am wrong on this, but this what I experienced when experimenting with the recommendation model, which disappointed me that the use in e-mail was more limited than the use on a webshop.



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Kunal Bansal
Jan 28 at 12:04 PM

Dear Ryan,

I agree with Mr. Tobias's explanation, please further refer to Recommendation in Hybris Marketing.
Within Recommendation, you can access the following:-

  1. Recommendation Scenarios
  2. Recommendation Model Types
  3. Recommendation Models
  4. Manage Recommendations
  5. Recommendation Algorithm Defaults
  6. Manage Offer Recommendations

I hope this helps


Kunal Bansal

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