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May 30, 2008 at 02:05 AM

HTTPS with load balancing


Hi guys,

We have a portal system with instance 08, so we typically connect to the portal using port 50800 for HTTP, and 50801 for HTTPS.

We have just created a second server node for this portal (in the config tool).

When we connect to 50800, does this automatically load balance the user to the better server? From some reading on these forums, it seemed to indicate that load balancing will only occur if I connect using port 8109. (where 09 is the instance number for the SCS of our portal)

When connecting to port 8109, we are redirected to port 50800, as I'd expect.

Question 1 - do we need to use 8109 for load balancing, or can we still use 50800?

Question 2 - If we need to use 8109, which is a HTTP port, how can we achieve load balancing with HTTPS. Is there a different port we need to use to have HTTPS with load balancing?

Question 3 - Is the creation of a second server node the best way to accomodate additional users and load on the portal system, or is there a better way to do things?