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Difference between 'Blocked' and 'Set as Obsolete' for a Contact?

Jan 25 at 04:36 PM


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Hi there,

We have several hard bouncebacks for contacts that have come from our C4C system. We are trying to determine what to do to the contact status.

I see there are options to 'Set as Obsolete' or set to 'Blocked'

From the user guide, i read that both set the status to an inactive status and they will not show up in Target Groups in future.

Which one would/should i use to 'inactivate' the contact, but still be able to view the contact and all their previous activities/history. Maybe in future, we will just need to update their email address and set back to Active (we do NOT want to lose all the history associated with the contact (and create a new contact ID if they change email addresses).

Thanks in advance

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Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Jan 25 at 06:58 PM

1. Blocked : If an account/contact is blocked then still the business documents which already have reference to this can be further be processed.

2. Obsolete: In case account/ contact is made obsolete then, it is not allowed to create/process the business documents in reference to this document.

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Hi Prasanth,

So if i have a lead or opportunity, with a contact that is blocked, it can still be processed? But if the contact was set to obsolete, the lead or opportunity cannot be further modified? Thx