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Jan 25, 2018 at 02:48 PM

Weird problem with debugging


Hi, I created an addon, that is supposed to create some buttons on specific forms, and when pressed, the buttons call a given function that connects to a webserver and exchanges informations.

The weird thing is when i'm running it in debug from visual studio, it works flawlessly (Buttons show up in sap, and the functions work too.), but when i install it to SAP, suddenly all new functions cease to work. the buttons show up, but nothing happens when i press them. Tried to build everything in both x64 and x32, no difference.

I'm quite new to SAP addon programing, so i might missed something. This is an addon pack, i got from the previous programmer. the addon pack has an AddonControl class that is supposed to navigate, and manage all of the addons, the install process consist of first using our own installer to create a folder structure, install services, and copy files. then the ard is imported into sap, and then the sdk generated addon installer installs the addon to sap. The possibilities that came to my mind are, the installer process is faulty somehow (quite unlikely, because the buttons show up), or SAPBO handles addons differently when debugging than when the addon is installed directly.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.