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May 29, 2008 at 05:04 PM

Public logon group not showing up


Hi everybody

I am trying to create a SAPGui entry for logon group access to customer ECC6.0 system.

I have configured the service and sapmsg.ini file.

I was told by customer sysadmin that PUBLIC logon group was created but in the list of logon groups I can only see SPACE.

Moreover, if I complete the procedure with SPACE logon group, when I try to login it won't succeed, warning that even the client number is wrong (?!).

My questions are:

- how to retrieve message server number and port (even though I am fairly certain that they are ok, otherwise the Logon group list wouldn't have been populated... right?)

- what might be the cause for the PUBLIC logon group not to show up

Thanks, points will be awarded