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May 29, 2008 at 04:16 PM

Integration Directory - Transport using CMS does not appear


Hi guys,

I'm having problems with one thing I thought it would be trivial.... I'm not able to get the option 'Transport using CMS' in the Integration Directory available.

I've done the necessary steps on the exchangeProfile in order to transport objects using CMS.

1. Configuring ExchangeProfile



Added the values to


2. And after, I've created the tracks needed for IntegrationRepository and IntegrationDirectory.

For the IntegrationDirectory I've followed SAP's description:

"You have created an XI track in the Landscape Configurator and entered the addresses of the development, consolidation, and productive directory. There are no software component versions in the Integration Directory. Therefore, for directory transports using the CMS, you specify the software component version SAP-INTDIR 3.0 (EXCHANGE DIRECTORY 3.0). This refers to all configuration objects of the Integration Directory.

Once you have made this setting, you can create transport lists for the CMS. The status of the change lists no longer changes to Closed immediately after their release, but first changes to Transportable."

3. I've restarted the J2EE Server.

When I export the objects from IntegrationRepository everything runs OK, but on the IntegrationDirectory I'm not able to have the option 'Transport Using CMS' available.

I've read several threads on the SDN but none of them solved the problem...

Can anyone give me any hint ?