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Release strategy for PR amendment

Jan 25 at 12:50 PM


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Hello Experts,

We have PR release strategies at header level. As per the new scenario we have a requirement where the PR release strategy needs to be triggered for Amendment amount.

For example:

PR amount at the time of first release is 1000 EUR now the PR was amended to 1200 EUR. The requirement is to trigger PR release which is for amount 1200-1000 EUR= 200 EUR.

How can this functionality be achieved as this delta amount is not stored in any standard table.



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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jan 25 at 10:45 PM

This is in general not the way how a release strategy works.

Usually you define with the changeability indicator whether a released PR can be changed, but if it is allowed then the full value is used to determine a new strategy.

But you could achieve it by using the user exit for the release strategy. You do the classification completely without a characteristic for the value, instead you use a user field in the strategy ( CEBAN-USRC1 ) and do the value check completely with own coding the user exit, and based on the result you move a character into this user field, and based on the character (and the other fields of the classification) a strategy is determined.

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