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Debugger changes to its default perspective in Eclipse with ABAP Development Tools

Jan 25 at 10:49 AM


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I had modified the default debugging perspective and save it as a separate perspective under a different name.

Now I use this new perspective while debugging

Unfortunately every time a change in the Stacks happens (like switching from the main program in a called method or back) the perspective change from my debugging-perspective to the default one.

Is there a setting for staying in the new debugging perspective even when the showed development object change in the editor window?



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2 Answers

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Armin Beil
Jan 25 at 11:57 AM

Hi Vlad,

most probably you have configured your IDE to automatically switch to debug perspective whenever an application suspends (usually by hitting a breakpoint).

I think eclipse platform provides the option to configure a different perspective (not 'Debug') as target perspective for this operation but actually I'm not sure if we support this configuration also for ABAP Debugging in ADT. I will check this and give you an update.

By the way: Why do you create an own custom perspective for debugging at all? You can also simply change the standard debug perspective the way you want it. It will remember your changes and if you once want to reset it to the built-in default you can also do that with 2 clicks.

Best regards,

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Hi, Armin!

Thanks for your reply! As I've just said Sergio, I've seen this before but didn't understand it then. I'll set it on "Never", live with it for a while and report again.

Oh, I wouldn't "play" with the defaults - I'm totally new to Eclipse and want at least to have something to come back if I screw up.

Thanks again!


Vlad Ghitulescu

You should absolutely try to adjust the default. Especially for the debug perspective. If it's broken you can reset it:


Eclipse is easy to install, so don’t worry about screwing it up. I do it regularly. Download, copy to folder, install ADT. 5 mins of effort and a cup of coffee.

This is also the reason I stick with defaults. Nothing to adjust, just go. I’ve lost hours worth of tweaking over the time I’ve been using it and just gave up. Life is much simpler this way :-)


Ok, convinced! :-) I'll do it right now! Thanks!

Sergio Fraga Jan 25 at 11:25 AM

Hello Vlad,

In the Preferences you have an option to state which Perspective should be the default for you:

You should see your new perspective on the list and set it as default but I never was able to manage it properly. Even when I select a new perspective as the default, it will trigger the standard one so maybe I am missing some twiking or there is a but in ADT.

Can you help Thomas Fiedler ?

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Thanks, Sergio, I saw this but didn't understand it back then.

But: Will this be the default perspective only while debugging (that's what I will) or instead of ABAP (what I didn't)?