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Bookmarks disappear in Eclipse with ABAP Development Tools

Jan 25 at 10:43 AM


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I have this since two days now and cannot figure it out: Some bookmarks disappear!

What I've already checked:

  • I didn't accidentally delete the rows they're defined
  • there are not only bookmarks that were defined in the current session but also some of the old ones that disappear
  • there is no filter active in the Bookmarks-View, so that the bookmarks are actually still there but only not shown

Do you have any idea?



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Oops, it did it again! :-(

From my 8 bookmarks yesterday I still have only 2 (not the oldest, not the newest) remained today. Nothing happened in between: I closed Eclipse and shut the PC off yesterday, I switched the PC on today and started Eclipse... 6 bookmarks were gone! :-(

Did one of you experienced something similar?

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