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Jan 25, 2018 at 08:57 AM

cross midnight handling for work schedules


Hello ,

I understand that, Work Schedule Period Model spanning over midnight with Clock Time as Time Recording Variant is not possible right now.In simple word, it means we cannot configure a work schedule for night shift where date changes.

For example this configuration is not possible -> If a night shift starts on Date X, at 7:30 PM and the shift ends on the Date X+1, at 4:30 AM. Here is a sequence of screenshot of work schedule configuration which proves the above point.

Now the whole point over the issue is how we can find a different way to achieve this functionality.

I am sure that Product Management Team is aware and acknowledges that this feature is a "must have" as requested by customers.however, the topic is considered by the PM team as a huge topic that would highly affect the time management solution and would need a big effort to develop the same, hence, this was clearly listed and communicated as a known limitation on Product documentation.

With all these being said, I request you to share an alternative method to configure this requirement. I believe the Jira#

ECT-40250 is already in place to fix this system's inability. However there should be a workaround available to overcome this limitation.

Thank You,

Rohit Verma