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May 29, 2008 at 10:29 AM



Hi Friends,

In the mid of fiscal year 2007, there was a change in the policy for calculation of depreciation, wherein, the depreciation would be calculated on a pro rata basis from the asset acquisition date.

The earlier policy(before change) was, the depreciation start date by default would be April 1st. i.e., for example if there are 2 assets bought on 2 different dates like 12.12.2007 and another asset on 31.03.2007, by default the depreciation start date would be on 01.04.2007.

The issue that I'm facing right now is, the assets that were purchased from the mid of 2007, are calculated on pro rata from the date of purchase, wherein it is now decided that for all such assets the depreciation start has to be made 01.04.2007.

The depreciation posted for all periods of 2007(1-12), now for all such assets when I'm trying to change the depreciation start date, the change of depreciation (additional amount that needs to be posted), is showing up in the planned values in asset values of AS02/AW01N, however when I'm trying to run the same in AFAB by selecting Restart option, it is successful, when I remove Test run, the system pops a message to repeat, however it is not allowing.

I'm even trying to recalculate using AFAR, even that is not working for me.

NOTE: Fiscal Year 2007 is not closed

Can anybody suggest me on this, please.