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May 29, 2008 at 10:09 AM

SLD Web Dynpro Configurations


Hi BI gurus,

I'm still here for call your help with SLD configuration for Java Web Dynpro.

I try to explane my configuration step and I hope that someone can help me:

1- I've BI test (with J2EE instance) installed and netweaver platform on server named 'kali' (ms port 3607, http port 8007), with Infrastructure environment ecc. and i wont to run (trought sap NWDS) a java web dynpro (flight list) who call a bapi in R/3 system test called 'nandi' (ms port 3606 and http port 8006).

2- I've read on a giudeline that I've to configure properly 'SLD Data Supplier' on J2EE Visual Administrator than I open my kali server consolle, go to service --> SLD Data Supplier and, in the tab 'runtime-HTTP Setting' I set host, port for my kali BI instance and on login with my LCR full permission user. Is it correct?

3- in next tab 'CIM Client Generation Settings' I fill the same configuration written above and CIMClient test goes right. Is it correct?

4- Now I open SLD configuration in kali BI system portal (http://kali:port/sld) and, in home, I add new 'Technical Systems'.

Here I fill this parameter:

  1. Web AS ABAP

  1. Web AS ABAP Name (SID): the nandi R/3 SID

  2. Installation Number: the inst. number show on t-code SLICENSE

  3. Database Host Name: nandi

Message Server

  1. Host Name: nandi

  2. Message Server Port (sapmsET6): 3606

  3. Logon Group: SPACE (default)

Central Application Server

  1. Host Name: nandi

  2. Host Name: 06

Application Server List

  1. Host Name: nandi

  2. Instance: 06

Client List

  1. Client Number: 100

  2. Logical Client Name: ET6CLNT100

Installed Products

  1. here what I've to choose like product name??My R/3 system products? (F.e. 'R/3 4.6C' ecc.)

are there any configurations error?

5- Now I open http://kali:port/irj portal page and click on tab 'Content Admin --> Web Dynpro' to create new JCO.

  1. I've 'WD_FLIGHTLIST_RFC_METADATA_DEST' like JCO destination and I choose it for new JCO with client 100.

  2. In J2EE cluster I've select 'Use local J2EE engine ''BW7 on kali''

  3. Conn. Type: Dictionary Metadata

  4. Message server connection: select message server created above (nandi)

  5. Security: fill my nandi (???) username and password

Now when I test my new JCO connection an error occured. It's impossible to resolve message name host (in this case sapmsET6) and JCO connection doesn't work.

What can I do?

All settings are correctly filled?

Please help me, I'm newbie!!!!

Edited by: Andrea Davoli on May 29, 2008 12:53 PM