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Expense "N" components directly to cost center of reference object on Maintenance order?

Hello experts ,

We do not wish to expense components to the work order to later have to settle to the cost center.

We would like the costs to be directly expensed to the cost center of the reference object upon GR.

I have tried changing the account assignment cat. for purch reqs. from F to K for cost center.

The new cost object becomes the cost center but it does not automatically pull in the cost center.

Can this be done?

Help is much appreciated!

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3 Answers

  • Jan 25, 2018 at 08:33 AM

    Hi Raquel,

    If you are ordering components through via IW31/Iw32 transaction, then the account assignment will be assigned to Order only, which cannot be saved to cost centre.

    If you want to directly assign to cost centre then you can create PR/PO through ME51N / ME21N transaction.



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  • Jan 25, 2018 at 01:41 PM


    I cannot think of a standard way to automatically pull the cost center into a Req created by a Work Order.

    Once you change the account assignment category to K, do you have any reference in the Req to the work order? How will receiving know where to route the items?

    If every Req that has AAC=F is to be changed to K, (and assigned with the Cost Center), you could program a user exit to update it. But the program will need to get the right cost center. The only place I can think of to get the cost center is the Order's settlement rule. (That's one step using the order number.)

    Or program a user exit from the work order as it creates the Req make AAC=K and add the Cost Center. This is a more direct approach to get what you want.

    I am curious as to the reason for wanting this direct costing. Do you want any costs to the Work Order (stocked components, labor charges)?


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  • Jan 29, 2018 at 07:11 PM

    We have a separate program that handles our work order processing. We are looking to make that program obsolete and migrate into SAP PM.

    Currently when parts are purchased they get expensed directly to an internal order which pulls in a cost center. In other words, we have the cost of those parts being dumped into two buckets (the internal order and the cost center). We have internal orders representing our equipment and the cost center representing the production line that equipment is on.

    Moving into SAP PM would mean we will no longer need to use internal orders. Our equipment will be in SAP as equipment as they should be , instead of as internal orders like they are now. The work order would become the new cost bucket to my understanding. But instead of both buckets accumulating cost one will transfer into the other upon settlement correct?

    It would be very nice to track costs to the work order but there is a problem. Our materials do not have any value assigned to them in SAP so we cannot capture costs of stocked parts. We would only capture cost of non stocked parts which doesn't do us much good so we have no need for it.

    However, the cost of those non stock parts still need to be directly expensed to the cost center of the equipment (reference object) on the order at the very least so we can see what is spent on each of our production lines.

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