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SAC Deploying Story and models to different tenant (same SAC versions)

Jan 24 at 05:13 PM


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I've created a story with multiple pages in a QA SAC environment. Each page has uses a different model. Now I would like to move the story and all associated models to a different Tenant. I've followed the instructions for Export and Import. No matter what I've tried I always get the error "Schedule info cannot be found due to error: The connection cannot be found".

I've tried include the connection with the export and import.

I’ve tried with an existing connection on the new tenant

I’ve tried with schedules on the models

I’ve tried with no schedules on the models

I’ve tried with drop objects option

I’ve tried with update objects option

I’ve hoping to have a standard process for moving stories from one tenant to another but so far it has alluded me.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciative.

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Julian Jimenez
Jan 30 at 12:28 PM

Hi Todd,

The error indicates that you need the connection to be created first. The package doesn't include the connection.

This is how the content for Hybris is created. You create your own connection in SAC first, verifying that the authentication method works and and import the content after. The connection name needs to be the same in origin and destination.



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