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May 29, 2008 at 08:24 AM

Pre-Implementation Queries in SAP MI ?


HI Gurus,

Please give me your views on the below questionair

1,Remote wipe of the mobile device is supported, is this via a third party application (e.g. Afaria, Soti or the functionality built into ISA Server 2006 the ) or is it standard functionality within SAP?

2,Are all editions of SAP mobile (PDA and Wintel) able to take advantage of different screen resolutions and orientations?

3,What do we get in terms of remote management (i.e. any of the security points above plus deployment of software and remote support)? Is there any benefit in moving to 7.1 from 7?

4,Thinking of the supplied XAPPS that are available with SAP mobile, how configurable are they in terms of:

u2022 Adding new fields (both for info in the field and for engineers to return additional data).

u2022 Changes to validation.

u2022 Changes to workflow within the application.

u2022 Anything else!

5,Is there an IDE or tool available for implementing configuration changes?

6,What weu2019re after here is a feel for the overall influence on functionality, expressed as a percentage (e.g. 0 no influence to 100% complete control), which can be achieved with configuration?

7,Typically, who is responsible for making configuration changes, would it be possible to do this in-house or would we require experienced consultants? If this is a split between the 2 could we get a feel based on the most commonly requested changes?

8,With regard to customizing supplied XAPPs or writing our own, would we be talking Java development through webdyn pro? How would customisation impact patching and upgrades of the SAP infrastructure?

9,Our assumption is that SAP mobile solutions are only suitable for SAP backend systems owing to the tight integration. In your experience, has anyone successfully implemented a SAP mobile solution on a non SAP backend system? Would you, as experienced SAP consultants, recommend such a venture?

10,How would we go about integration of other systems on the mobile device? For example GPS, Barcode, Cameras or other applications like boiler diagnostics. Again, can you break this down into tasks that can be performed in house vs. tasks that are typically performed by experienced consultants?

11,This is a bit of a vague question so I must apologies in advance: Company will ultimately control our production environment but weu2019d be interested in having some control to be able to deploy configuration changes without having to bother them. If you could suggest if and how this arrangement would be implemented, then I can approach company to assess the feasibility.

Thanks in Advance,