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Jan 24, 2018 at 05:10 PM

Reverse GR with EWM S/4 1610


Hi experts, I need help!

In business scenario:

1 - Create a purchase order in transaction ME21N (Only one item with 75 KG in EWM storage location)
2 - Create inbound delivery in transaction VL31N and distribute to EWM
3 - Show EWM inbound delivery in transaction /SCWM/PRDI
4 - Create HU for inbound delivery in transaction /SCWM/RFUI (#HU1 with 25 KGs, #HU2 with 25 KGs, and #HU3 with 25 KGs)
5 - Create warehouse tasks for putaway HU stocks based inbound delivery in transaction /SCWM/RFUI
6 - Confirmation warehouse tasks in transaction /SCWM/RFUI
7 - Show physical stocks level in transactions /SCWM/MON and MMBE (IM-MM level)

When this purchase order has a price error or tax error (very often in Brazil), how can I do a reversal GR - Goods Receipt? and open the same "PO - Purchase Order" to new inbound delivery?

At a moment, I already confirm tasks and complete "GR - Goods Receive" and "putaway process" complete, I can see in "PO Purchase Order history" one material document per HU posted. And I can´t cancel ou reverse process, please, help me!

I can´t use button "Reverse Goods Receipt"

I can´t use VL09 (not possible in EWM).

With any option in "process Codes" for example "Adjust Delivery Quantity" and "Reject inbound delivery" only EWM delivery was changed quantity but nothing was executed in ERP.

In "Correct the confirmation" nothing was executed (I don´t have product tasks).

In "Cancel" nothing was executed.

I can´t use MIGO transaction with movement type 102.

I can´t use MBRL transaction

I don´t understand the flow in sap notes "2178045 - Alternative approaches for entry of goods receipt corrections in EWM".