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May 29, 2008 at 07:40 AM

Error while publishing a service with WSPUBLISH: Error publishing Endpoint



I've a problem while publishing a service which a had created via proxy. I configured the service and one endpoint (binding) in SOAMANAGER. When I publish the service in WSPUBLISH I get the error:

'Error publishing Endpoint for SD : <Proxy>, Service : <Service>, EP : <Endpoint>.

with details:

'10160A save request exceeded the quantity limits for a given structure type .#Number of BusinessEntities exceeds your limit of 1 (2)'

In the Service Registry I can find the service but without endpoints.

Does anybody know what happend ?

We use a SAP NetWeaver 7.10 with SP05 (SAPKB71005) but the same error happens if I publish a service from a CRM 5.0 with SP15 (SAPKB70015) to the Service Registry of the 7.10