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May 29, 2008 at 07:07 AM

CRM Internet sales


Hi Experts

Can anyone please give me the answers to my below questions


Any internet user can visit Website and has the option of logging in (existing customer) or registering (new customer)

During the registering process, the customer details would be captured

A user would have the option of browsing the webpage without registering/logging also.

Any internet user can browse the catalog, compare products, select products and create order as below:

i. If existing customer (already logged in as a registered user), proceed with the order creation

ii. If not existing customer (not logged in), check login credentials with an option for new customers to register

Tracking of orders

1. salesperson 1 logs in to the CRM system and can see the orders created by existing customers/distributors in their CRM screen

2. salesperson 2 (DIRECT SALES) logins in to the CRM system and can see the orders created by new (newly registered / Direct) customers in their CRM Screen

3 Sales Manager logs in. He should be able to see both the orders.

Tracking of leads

Webpage visitors to be tracked: if the visitor does not place order, the visitor details could still become a lead for to follow-up along with the products compared/seen. (To check: if the internet user browses the catalog without logging in, how does the system capture the user details?)