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May 29, 2008 at 06:50 AM

using call method request->get_form_fields for tableview


Hi All,

I have a tableView as follows:

<htmlb:tableView id              = "material"
                       headerText      = "Materials"
                       headerVisible   = "true"
                       design          = "alternating"
                       visibleRowCount = "5"
                       fillUpEmptyRows = "true"
                       onHeaderClick   = "MyEventHeaderClick"
                       onRowSelection  = "MyEventRowSelection"
                       selectionMode   = "MULTISELECT" 
                       table           = "<%= ztab_mat %>">
                              <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="MATCODE" title="Material Code">
                              <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="DESC" title="DESCRIPTION" wrapping="TRUE">
                              <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="MAP" title="PRICE">
                              <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="QUNTY" title="QUANTITY" edit="TRUE">
                              <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="UNIT" title="UNIT">

My problem is:

1) i am not getting the quantity field editable even after supplying edit="TRUE" in tableViewColumn.

2)How can i read value of each cell in the selected row using GET_VALUE method..i mean what is the syntax.

Thank a lot,


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