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transports between systems which have different version of Oracle database

Jan 26 at 07:18 PM


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Hi. we have 3 tier system landscape: DEV ->QA->PROD

They are all SAP ERP 6 running on 7.31 NW.

We want to upgrade back-end Oracle database from 11g to 12c. The question is, would transport or cross client copy work if DEV has 12c Oracle DB but QA and PROD are still running 11g? OR database version of all 3 systems need to be on the same level?

Thank you,

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3 Answers

James Zhang
Jan 29 at 12:14 AM


SAP transport ONLY depends on SAP level, so as long as the SAP is the same, it doesn't matter which database version or which database you are using.

Best regards,

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Former Member

Thank you, James. I appreciate your response.


You are welcome, always gladly




Reagan Benjamin
Feb 16 at 02:17 PM

SAP transports are based on the BASIS release of the SAP system. It has nothing to do with the database version or release. Check the note 1090842 - Composite SAP Note: Cross-release transports and here is what the note says.

>> For transports between related Basis releases, there are no problems. This applies to: •Transports between Releases 6.10, 6.20 and 6.40 •Transports between Releases 7.0*, 7.3*, 7.4*, and 7.5* •Transports between Releases 7.10 and 7.11 <<

Transport requests are in OS/DB independent format and I am not aware of any database compression restrictions while importing a transport request.

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Janos Mucsi-Besze
Feb 16 at 07:45 AM

Hi Tuan,

The success of such an SAP transport depends on the features used on the source and target databases. There may be problem e.g. in case the objects are compressed (DB level) on the source system, but the target system does not support that kind of compression yet.

Theoretically there should be no problem when transporting from lower DB release to a higher DB release, so e.g. from 11g to 12c.

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