The B1 Service Layer sends the error "Invalid session" randomly

Oct 24, 2016 at 06:06 PM


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Hello Experts!

We have a strange problem with the B1 Service Layer

After getting the login we only have about 5 seconds to send any request but, if more time passes, we get the error "Invalid session." in any request

The strange thing is that, if we wait another 5 seconds without sending any request, the next request will be processed correctly and subsequent requests will be processed, if they are sent within 5 seconds. After that time any request will fail again

This cycle can be repeated within the timeout time

The timeout has the default value of 30 minutes

This problem only occurs on a particular production server and we already tried to reinstall the Service Layer but the problem is not solved

We hope you can help us

Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem.


Please if you already solved the issue, you could share how you solved it . Because I have the same problem ;(

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1 Answer

Ralph Oliveira
Jun 26 at 03:59 PM

please check this.

Closing this topic as it is too old

please don't unbury old questions

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