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Crystal Sub-Report pulling Excel data not showing

Jan 26 at 06:24 PM


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I have a crystal report that have one sub-report that pulls from Excel xlsx on a separate server.

When creating the connection I used the OLE DB (ADO) connection, Provider: Microsoft Office 12.0 Access DB Engine, DB Type: Excel.

When running this report in Crystal, I see the sub-report data. When pulling it into B1, I see the border of the Sub-report, but no data.

Here is the troubleshooting that I have done: Tried the xls connection, same result. Tried different joins on the 2 tabs on the Excel. Removed the grouping.

Any help would be most helpfull,


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I have also tried using the Access connection, same result: Works in Crystal, not in SAP B1. Tried doing this sub-report as a stand alone report, same result: Works in Crystal, not in SAP B1. I have copied the Excel to the B1_SH folder and changed data source location, same result.


Hi Marli,

I am not sure if the CR runtime in B1 supports external data source - it may be a question for SAP support. I used to try this approach with an Access database as well, but B1 only returned an error.

Just for sharing - the workaround I used was to run Crystal outside B1 for the report. The other idea is to load your Excel to a SQL table, so CR can run within B1.



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1 Answer

Don Williams
Jan 29 at 02:56 PM

Try using ODBC, I don't think MS has a 64 bit DAO engine that B1 can use, or anyone can.

B1 should be able to use ODBC though.


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