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May 29, 2008 at 05:49 AM

URGENT!!!!!!!!! rollback in BADI



I wanted to know how can we perform ROLLBACK in BAdi's.

I am using the BAdi defination - MB_DOCUMENT_BADI and I want to roll back after i click on POST button in MIGO.

The functionality is like -

- First I m checking for the tcode eq MIGO.

- Second for the document category(likp-vbtyp) and delivery type(likp-lfart).

- Third check is on the movement type, my requirment is tht if while posting a GR for outbound delivery the movement type should be 861.

IF the movemnt type is not eq to 861 then we throw a popup message using -


Now there are 2 buttons -

1. Change - the program shloud retain the screen and allow the user to change the movement type there and then post again.

2. Exit - the program will terminate the current action and will


I want to rollback the work after the user clicks on CHANGE and then to leave to the current screen where the user can change the movement type.

I hope i have made myself clr. If not plz come back to me for any further details.