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Former Member
May 29, 2008 at 05:44 AM

lsmw's error about method of standard batch/direct input(object = 0090)


I'm trying to create sales order by method of standard batch/direct input( object = 0090 ).

but the error happend when I run the last step as below:

Log of Sales Document Transfer to R/3 SD

Old Document/Item Number Note

Test run w/o updating data base

Start of processing

V1 091

Date / / is not valid

  • Data from this document has not been saved ***

File path name................ ZPTEST01_ZSPTEST01_ZSPTEST01_OBJ01.lsmw.conv

Number of header records...... 1

Number of partner records..... 2

Number of item records........ 1

Number of saved documents..... 0

Number of incorrect documents. 1

I have maintained the pricing date, Requested delivery date, Customer purchase order date and schedule line date and other fields required.

And the value above has been transferred correctly.

where is error happend?