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May 29, 2008 at 05:25 AM

not able to display the values on the alv report.


Hi all,

loop at it_stpo.

indx = sy-tabix.

select single bdmng from resb into it_resb-bdmng

where matnr = it_stpo-idnrk

and xloek ne 'X'.

it_stpo-bdmng = it_resb-bdmng.

modify it_stpo index indx.


in the above code, m fetchin the values of bdmng and populating it in the it_stpo.

the values get populated in the internal table.

But the problem is only the first value of all the entries gets populated.

For ex:

it_stpo-idnrk = C0201AA0800N ** under this components der r three entries***

i want to display all three values of these entries.

1.A0201AD6750N 990

2.A0201AJ0960N 1,578

3.A0201AJ1140N 2,996

but the value 990 gets repeated thrice for the above three entries. n the value 1598 n 2996 is not gettin displayed.

lll, for all other entries. only the first entry value gets displayed for their respective components.

suggest modification in my code so dat i cn display all the values.

thanks in advance.