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The system cannot be reached the logon data could not be used. SAP Hana Studio Eclipse Plugin

Jan 26 at 03:09 PM


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Hi, I’m currently trying to install SAP Hana Studio as an eclipse Plugin and connect it with my Hana EXPRESS Server, which runs on Linux (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications). Unfortunately when I try to add the system, Hana Studio will always give me an Error saying: „error : the system cannot be reached the logon data could not be used“ My Input for adding the system is: Host Name: (Server IP in ifconfig), Instance Number: 90. I also tried to set up new Databases or Database Users but neither of that could help. The XSA-Admin-Console also says, that my Database is currently running normally. Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Denys van Kempen
Jan 26 at 04:57 PM

Hi David,

The message means that no connection can be made between the client (studio) and the server (HANA) using the information you provided. Most likely, the ports are blocked.

With instance number 90, the following ports should be open:

  • SAPStartSrv (HTTP/HTTPS) port 59013 / 59014
  • JDBC/SQL: 39015
  • XS-Engine (HTTP/HTTPS): 8090 / 4390 (not required for Studio)

Solves the issue?


Denys / SAP HANA Academy

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Hello Denys,

thank you this worked. I'm now able to see the System in SAP Hana Studio.

Kind regards,



Hi David/Denys,

I have also stuck with the same issue, i installed the HANA Express Edition on GCP. Now when trying to connect HANA Server from HANA Studio, it says 'the system cannot be reached the logon data could not be used'.

I made the external IP as a static one in GCP, and added the external ip in my host file as shown below. Now from HANA studio, iam trying to connect to hxehost , instance 90 , multicontainer -> system database with SYSTEM user. hxehost

Can you please advice how to open the ports 39015? I checked the firewall rules and tcp:39015 is allowed in GCP

please help



Former Member
Naveen Brungi


Corporates or office or some ISP willl allow only 443 or 80 and all ports blocked if so proceed like below

install socat utility on Suse Linux hana db server on Google Cloud Engine

issue a command as root user in a terminal window

socat TCP-LISTEN:80,fork TCP:localhost:39015

then in eclipse hana studio systems db connection in the Multitenant DB - use HXE:80

so then eclipse will conect to Google Cloud Suse Linux HANADB server on port 80 which gets redirected to port 39015

and eclipse will connect

if port 80 does not work use port 443 as iam sure all ISPs allow this port for sure

Also if you have time I would suggest SSLH port multiplexer utility

or install Apache Tomcat nginx to do routing


rama anne