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Sales order item deleted despite subsequent document

Jan 26 at 12:41 PM


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Hi all,

We are having a strange issue with one sales order; in the change log of the sales document it seems that the user deleted one of the items after creating the subsequent documents (sales order created 18/01 - delivery created 19/01). In the change log we can also see that the user changed the values of some fields (for that item) in pricing (field MPROK and internal price), which is also strange since the delivery document and invoice were already created.

The item exists on the sales order but appears deleted in the change log.

Thank you

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It is hard to figure out what might have happened with the scarce information that you have provided.

Please share the result of Display document changes as screenshot. Select Additional info and Document items - this usually makes the display easier to interpret.

In the line where you see deletion - what is the transaction code?

The item in question - is it by any chance relevant for billing plan?



This is the log:

The problem is - the user could not delete the item on 19/01/18 since there were subsequent documents, neither change the price (but he did). We did notice the problem after the BI team reported the issue with the data in a chain.

In the test system we cannot replicate the bug. Any ideas?

The t-code is VA02.

The sales order came into SAP via an interface.

Could some user exit (or some other custom logic implemented) maybe cause the problem? I don`t see how this culd be possible in the standard,

Thank you


I forgot - it is not relevant for billing plan


Also, this item is not really deleted on the sales order, it is just recorder in the change log as deleted

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