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Former Member
May 28, 2008 at 11:21 PM

Substitution- prerequisite


Maintain validation: I created as a prerequisite a program (user exit) (ZGGBR000),lets call it U399 that validates that the status of the system is I0002 (REL). Given this condition the system checks another user exit and in case the validation is wrong- an error message appears. It works fine.

Now, I wanted to use the same logic to create a substitution at callup point WBS element. I even found the same exit U399 from the validation in exits and determined it as prerequisite. Afterwards I created the substitutions. And it does not work: the system neither reads the prerequisite nor the substitutions while fixing the REL status and saving a project. Here my doubt: the prerequisite, I am using in substitution, comes from the validation part (ZGGBR000). Could that be the problem? Or how can I create the same condition for the prerequisite in substitution, so that it will be shown under the tab exit as well?

Thank you for your help and let me now if you need more detailed information or if my description is a bit confusing.