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C4C Registered Product Survey

Jan 26 at 11:02 AM


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Hi community,

I created a survey with the category "Registered Product". If I want to edit this survey in a ticket where 3 registered products are maintained, I just see 1 registered product in the survey (the one which is marked as main one)....

Is this the standard? Or do I have somewhere a wrong setting...

I would expect to see all 3 registered products in the survey.

Thanks for help!

BR, Deborah

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Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Jan 26 at 11:09 AM

A survey of type Registered Product fetches the Registered Products based on the associated Account/Customer.

At the time of addition of the Survey to the Service Ticket, it first determines the Account/Customer of the Ticket and then fetches the Registered Products of that Account/Customer.

You can cross check this by navigating to the Account/Customer of the Service Ticket and then check the Registered Product where the Acccount/Customer is the owner of it or is a custodian of that Registered Product.

If the Account/Customer is associated to a Registered Product by any other means E.G via involved parties, but is not the owner/custodian of the Registered Product then the Survey will not consider that Registered Product.

This is system design.

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Thanks Prasanth! Ok, then I just saw the 1 registered product, because I added 2 more after the survey was added. I have now tested to firstly maintain 4 registered products and then add the survey. In this order it works.

But the automatical assignment of the survey then makes in this scenario no sense ...


Hi Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula,

just to double check: I get all registered products from the associated Account/Customer in the survey (thats the behaviour I experienced). In our business scenario we need just the registered products that are assigned to the specific ticket.

Is there a setting where to change this? Or is it system design that all registered products based on the Account/Customer are determined?

Best regards,



As a change in the release version 1802 , All registered products for all involved parties are included in registered product surveys.

When you assign a registered product survey to a visit, all registered products for the account being visited are automatically populated in the survey. This includes all registered products where the account being visited is listed as an involved party, regardless of the role assigned. Previously, only registered products with the visit account assigned the role of customer would have been considered and populated in the survey.