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May 28, 2008 at 04:09 PM

User exit for CJ20N, accessible from VA01


Hi Everybody,

My requirement is as follows:

When I create a Sales Order through transaction VA01 and click the save button, control flows to CJ20N and a WBS structure is created. Now before this WBS structure is saved, I need to edit some fields of the WBS. For this I need a suitable exit. In this exit, the structures PRPS and PROJ should be available since a lot of fields of these structures are being edited. Afterwards, the WBS structure will be saved and finally the Sales order will be saved. I have seen that EXIT_SAPLCJSS_006 and EXIT_SAPLCJWB_006 in CNEX0033 do not provide a solution. The job is to edit fields of the Work Breakdown Structure. I ve put breakpoints and debugged through VA01with System and Update Debugging on but could not find a solution. Please suggest an appropriate solution. Points will be awarded immediately.

Best Regards

Thanks in advance