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May 28, 2008 at 03:21 PM

COPA Assessment Cycle



While i run KEU5 i am getting the following errors.... like this i am having 811 warning (test run) and the system is not posting the doc.Hope anyone will help me out.....i am in ecc 6.0

*Error no.1*

KFA_C2 error

Sender base in period 001 is 0; therefore, no allocation is possible

Message no. GA727


The total base value for sender 90401160000004INROverhead60100010004COSSA0003XXXXX in period 001 is 0. This value is derived from the total of all receiver allocation bases.

System Response

It is not possble to distribute the sender value because calculating the receiver values according to the formula

Sender value X Receiver allocation base / Sender base

would terminate the program. The sender is therefore not credited for period 001


u2022 Check the definitions of the receiver allocation bases. It is possible that the negative and positive receiver allocation bases have produced a base of 0. If this is so, you should see if the base values can be scaled (with the indicator in the maintenance transaction).

u2022 Another reason for this could be that none of the receivers in period 001 has a allocation base <> 0.

*Error no.2*

No assignment of an assessment cost element to cost element 0043310007

Message no. GA834


In allocation structure KF there is no assignment of cost element 0043310007 to an assessment cost element.

System Response

The data record cannot be processed.


Enter cost element 0043310007 in your allocation structure.

Your help is very much appreciated