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May 28, 2008 at 01:55 PM

Java Developer Samples


We just installed in our EP 7.0 SPS14. After this install the Java Developer user had issues. SAP Customer messge informed us of SAP Note 1168968

This note states that .....NW 7.0 SP13 (PDK Samples from SDN) was an incompatible emergency security fix in Security Zones of Enterprise Portal, which prevents portal from displaying* pages or worksets or roles. .... This marks not only the end of maintenance, but also the end of the technical possibility to run PDK Businnes Packages and samples in Enterprise Portal.

So sad!

Anyone figure out how to undo the security zone fix - I run my local portal wide open so I'm going to try to keep the Samples working there and only uninstall from the general user level portals.