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Jan 25, 2018 at 02:25 PM

Navigation to Mater - detail app using local annotations



I have a list report with sales order number as a column and one other Sales order master-detail application. Custom List report is built using Fiori template and all local annotations and Sales order app is the ABAP CDS based application.

I am using following annotations in list report for navigation thru Sales order number as hyperlink. 'SalesOrderNumber' is column is list report and 'SalesOrderApp' Semantic object for Receiver App

    <Annotations Target=<<Entity>>.<<Entity>>Type/SalesOrderNumber">
    <Annotation Term="Common.SemanticObject" String="SalesOrderApp"/>

So, My question is - What all will be required on receiver app side to make a navigation directly to the detail page of the of the Sales Order Master detail application for the clicked Sales order number ?