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Creating and scheduling publication for users assigned to different BW security roles

Jan 25 at 02:05 PM


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Dear Gurus,

I have been trying to create and schedule a publication for 4 different users which have the following security roles assigned to their IDs.

1. User A- Global

2. User B-EMEA

3. User C-APAC

4. User 4-North America

So, when I create and schedule a publication using dynamic recipients, I am trying to assign different roles to individual users but unable to do it as I dont see the list of BW roles which I can assign to the individual users.

Also,I am trying to create a profile with Global access for User A and other profiles for rest of the users, but still I dont find suitable options while creating a profile in CMC to do it.

Any suggestions.



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1 Answer

Jan 25 at 02:26 PM

report base is BEx queries or relational universe?

If you have already enabled the single sign on in BICS connection in case you are using BEx query then BO publication will work with BW data authorization.

I am not sure if Profile target is enabled for Bex queries as earlier it was not enabled..

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Thanks Amit.

While setting the profile target, I can't see any option to set the BEx query. It just list down the efashion universe. However we have BW as backend and the source for Webi is BEx.


it means profile target is only for universe. with BICS connectivity you need to enable the SSO in BICS connection and then BO publication will take data based on the BW user data authorization.


Thanks Amit. The SSO is already enabled for for the OLAP Connection.


If SSO is enabled and BW data authorisation is in place then at the time of BO publication scheduling you need to select the option "One database fetch per recipient (recommended when using row level security within Universes or Business Views)" in "Report Bursting Method:" section in advance tab.

After that BW data authorization will work in publication to send individual file for each user.


thanks Amit. However, I have used these reports in a design studio dashboard with Refresh on open option enabled. The publication is successful but when we schedule the report, will that point to the schedule version of the hyperlink or the original version of the report.


No idea how design studio will link to instance or report.

I have updated the tag to Design studio so that some one check and reply.Meantime update your question description and bit more about your issue with design studio.