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Reversing the Order of 2 Smartform Pages Printing

I have a specific smartform made for the company I work at. The smartform consists of 3 pages (tables) and I am interested in switching between 2 of them. Tables 1 and 3 are displayed and you can print them or not: table 1 before posting goods issue and table 3 after posting goods issue (which is kind of late). I would like to switch between these 2 tables and print table 3 instead of 1 before posting goods issue because the table in page 3 is more useful than the table in page 1. Maybe I'm looking at this in the wrong way and I should do it otherwise, but after 2 weeks of googling and searching for ways of doing this, I came to think that this would be the easiest way to do it, without having to look for lots of links in programs and function modules and whatnot.

I made a backup of the smartform to XML, just in case something goes bad. I noticed it didn't copy the meanings attached to tables, or the general attributes of the title (content of the text field). I'm wondering why it didn't back those up as well and what else did I miss.

I don't know SAP programming language but I figured there must be an easy way to do what I want. I tried to look into programming but I wouldn't want to mess anything up.

The structure of the smartform has just %PAGE1, consisting of 3 titles and 3 tables in MAIN and various other fields that are printed along with each of the 3 tables.

After having described all these circumstances, my questions are:

1. How to make a full backup of the smartform before editing it? As mentioned, I exported the XML and imported it with a _BKP added to the name, displayed it but it wasn't complete.

2. If I simply rename table 1 to table 3 and table 3 to table 1 (same for titles), will the 2 tables be switched in SAP GUI? Will I simply be able to print preview table 3 instead of table 1 in VL02N?

Or is it more complicated than that? In my weeks of searching, I went to SE80 and everywhere they said online (on various forums and blogs, including here) to find the program name that prints out this smartform, but all I was able to find was a Function Module. Under its attributes there is a program name written, but looking for it under the program branch in SE80 it takes me back to the function module. With my basic programming skills I can't figure out what to do in the source code of the function module in order to switch between those 2 tables.

Can anyone please help me out and tell me if it as simple as I hoped (point 2 above) or if I must provide more details regarding source code and edit that in order to get my resolution.

Thank you.

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