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Target cost issue : semifinished Products

Jan 25 at 12:41 PM


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Hy SAP experts ;

When confirming a production order target costs are missing just for semifinished products (Origin : DPC1/SFCF1) , but for raw material and activity target costs are normally calculated (For example : DPC1/M203)

I did all the necessary steps for variance calculation KKS2 but the target costs are always missing.

Screen shoot :

Please Help ;

Best regards

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3 Answers

Muhammad Usman Akram Jan 30 at 05:27 AM

did you run the cost estimate marking and releasing process on semifinished material?

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Thanks a lot for your answer Mr Muhammad ;

Nevertheless , I did the cost estimate marking and releasing before creating the production order.


are you using any special procurement key? normally target cost is not updated until unless you properly marked and released standard cost estimate.

please check in which plant you are marking and releasing standard cost estimate and in which plant you are consuming it?


Thanks Muhammad again for your reply and sorry for my delay

The standard cost is marked and released. The problem arise for all materials that have a multi level BOM for assembly components (in this case : Semi-finished product) ;

For your question : I don't have a special procurement key. I have only one division.

I noticed when i run CK11N for the finished product that this message occured : CK361 : value of costing item 00006 in itemization is 0 but in other hand it has a value 10.587,35 MAD and even in material master data it has a standard cost that i marked and released. (Screen shoot)

capture.png (62.3 kB)
Gabriel Felipe Coleti Feb 07 at 12:18 PM

Dear Morad,

The target cost is based in the preliminary cost of your component multiplied by the Target Quantity. Check first your Target Quantity in KKF6N, maybe it´s zero quantity. That means your finished product didn't had BOM explosion backflush. The target quantity come from BOM information. When you explode the BOM during the backflush,SAP get the quantity in the BOM as target quantity. If you don´t have these items in the BOM or if you backflush these items using PPCVAR transaction code, you will not have target quantity consequently no target cost.

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti

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Dear Gabriel ;

Thanks for your reply , in fact in my case we don't use backflash and when i check target costs explanation (KKS2), the quantity exist it's the costs that doesn't exist us shown by the following screen shoot.

Best regards.

capture.png (23.0 kB)
Abdullah Tufail Feb 08 at 01:18 PM

Please check the timing for the creation of cost estimate of semi-finished.

If C.Est. was created after creation of production order of FG, the system will not calculate target cost of SFG upon variance calculation.

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Thanks abdullah for your reply ;

But the cost estimate is created before creation of the production order.