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Hi community,

in the Fiori Apps Library I found a promising reuse component called "Central Fiori Component for all Design Studio Fiori Apps" (F1035 - UI5 application FIN_DS_ANALYZE). There are several other standard apps that are based on this reuse component (e.g. "Asset Balances" - F1617A). We are on S4/HANA 1709 on Premise.

I have 3 questions:

1. Is this resuse component released for use in client projects?

2. Can I use this component for custom CDS views as well (same configuration in Launchpad Designer as for app F1617A but with custom CDS view)?

3. Is there any additional documentation about the parameters that can be passed to the reuse component and their function?

Thanks a lot in advance. Regards,


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3 Answers

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    Jan 10 at 07:14 AM

    In the meanwhile SAP note 2623507 was released explaining how to use of FIN_DS_ANALYZE in client projects.

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  • Jan 30, 2018 at 06:51 AM

    Hi Monique

    Re 1 - released is a very official word at SAP... I would suggest you can use them with your own Fiori Design Studio apps but of course if it changes then you would might need to adjust your code as well. Note that this app is ONLY intended for use with Design Studio apps. If you really need an official answer, raise a SAP Incident against the Support component for that app as shown in the Fiori apps library, which is BI-RA-AD-EA

    Re 2 - the configuration in the Launchpad Designer is separate to the CDS view so you can do what you like/need in the Launchpad Designer. Many of the analytical app types - Smart Business, APF, Analytical List Page (Report), are configured elsewhere and assigned to the business catalog from there. So you are likely to find the same approach (I'm not a Design Studio person here so see how you go)

    Re 3 - Nope - see answer 1

    Good luck!


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    • Hi Jocelyn,

      thank you for your answer - that was very helpful.

      The original challenge for me was to find an easy way to populate a custom CDS view as multidimensional report to a Fiori catalog without any coding. While searching for a solution I found that reuse app mentioned above.

      Doing some further investigations I recently found out, that in the onCloud edition there is a functionality in the View Browser, that creates a custom multidimensional reporting app based on a selected CDS view - great feature that would exactly fulfill my needs, but unfortunately this valuable functionality is not available in the onPremise edition. Do you know another solution/workaround/best practice for the onPremise edition to achieve the same result (populate custom CDS view as multidimensional report to a catalog) except using the reuse component FIN_DS_ANALYZE?

      Kind regards,


  • Apr 26, 2018 at 04:36 PM

    Hi Monique,

    Have you found anything on this? Especially parameters and documentations?



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    • Hi Mehment,

      unfortunately I did not found any documentation, but I found the following parameters to be used by own research:

      XQUERY: Name of query to be displayed in the app (2C<sql view name>)
      XSEMANTIC_OBJECTS: names of semantic objects to which a jump target shall be available (jump targets are available for all actions of a semantic object given here)
      XSYSTEM: Logical system
      XVISIBLEPROMPTS: visible prompts on the selection screen (I did not get this parameter to work...)