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Jan 25, 2018 at 05:56 AM

SAP BO Upgradation from 4.1 SP 3 to 4.2 SP4 on the same enviorenment


I want to upgrade from 4.1 SP3 to 4.2 SP4 on the same environment.

Also want to upgrade BODS from 4.2 SP3 to 4.2 SP 9 because of comparability with BI Platform 4.2 sp4.

So , i'll take back up of Connections, Universe and Reports.

a. Do i need to uninstall existing BO 4.1 SP3 Before to start with Upgradation and Do i need to use existing Port no. (Only CMS Port or All)

b. Which services i need to stop while up gradation and While taking CMS and Audit database backup?

c. Please suggest me what precautions and Procedure i need to follow?

I have got the following link but apart from this link if any would be helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.