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Is it feasible to load reuse and flex entity at one time using Data Import Framework in MDG?

Jan 25 at 05:43 AM


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I am working on a requirement to load reuse and flex entities both at the same time using Data Import Framework in MDG. I understand that it is feasible with reuse entities, but I couldn't get any resource on the load of flex entities using DIF in MDG. Appreciate if anyone could advise on this, thank you.

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Loga Nathan Duraisamy Jan 25 at 09:16 AM

Hi Vincent,

DIF can only be used to load reuse entities either in the staging or reuse. It doesn't support single reuse model with both flex and reuse entites.

you can refer MDGM material load document for the same. DIF concept remains the same.

Refer to limitation and performance blocks.

Thanks and Regards,


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Got it, thanks Loga for your helpful answer.


Hi Logan, Vincent,

the given reply is not correct.

DIF is a framework. It can do anything. What it is doing, depends on the actual implementation of the DIF interface. There are some provided by SAP doing different things. Material and BP implementations load into both the staging or re-use active area. the MDG-F implementation for financial master data loads only into the staging area - in this case it's indeed a data model that is built fully on the flexible approach (model 0G). So it depends fully on the provided implementation what is loaded into which places.

Best regards